Brenda Miller, Suzanne Paola - Tell It Slant, Third Edition

by: Artur Dziedziczak

April 9, 2024

Why this book

While I was having a pretty bad cold caused by my Easter Monday Amsterdam pub crawl, I decided to read some books that could help me become a better writer

From time to time, I send myself some emails, which I treat as journal letters for my future self. Sadly, the way I structure them is not really something I’m proud of. Mostly because I’m not a good writer. Especially in a foreign language

That’s why I picked this book, whose notes I’ll share here

Embedding memories to let readers immerse themselves in your world

Apparently, there is a way to write nonfiction better by focusing on memories and their core senses

  • Smell
  • Taste
  • Hearing
  • Touch
  • Sight
  • Sixth sense - gaining information that isn’t obvious to our five physical senses.

While writing, try to use these senses to describe the world. This technique should let the reader immerse themselves in the creation


There is not much more that I have taken from this book. It had many examples, but because of the of the huge pain caused by the cold, I simply could not follow them

I think this simple list of core senses to remember while writing should make an instant impact on the way I write