What I found interesting this time

by: Artur Dziedziczak

February 4, 2024

“Please, Don’t Force Me to Log In,” n.d. https://hamatti.org/posts/please-dont-force-me-to-log-in/

Great rant about different services that require you to make an account. The reasoning provided by these companies is super silly.  
The worst for me is Philips Hue which now requires you to make an account to control your Philips lightbulb.

“The Engineering behind Figma’s Vector Networks,” n.d. https://alexharri.com/blog/vector-networks

Blog post on how Figma designed their vector network system for drawing.  
The blog post is extremely detailed, and it starts with some basic information on the "pen" tool in other vector graphic software. Then the author explains the principles behind vector network and the math behind it.  
To be fair, I read through it and did not understand everything. I’ll have to go back to this post as the representation of shapes with a network system can be applied to various problems.

“Accelerating the Science of Language Models,” n.d. https://allenai.org/olmo/olmo-paper.pdf

Research paper that shows how you can make diverse, open, and solid research on LLM.   I’ll write a bigger blog post about it.

“The Music Player You Wish You Had in the Early 2000s,” n.d. https://www.crowdsupply.com/cool-tech-zone/tangara

I found this project on Mastodon, and I fell in love with it.  
Not only was it recommended by the developer with these words, "u can buy my gay mp3 player if you want, I think its a pretty cool device" but it also looks like the iPod I never had money for.  
Still, the price of it is so high that I can’t afford it now. I wish the development team of this project all the best! Cool stuff!

“Making a PDF That’s Larger than Germany,” n.d. https://alexwlchan.net/2024/big-pdf/

Amazing blog post on how to generate PDF files by hand. It explains PDF structure, readers limitations, and, in the end, makes a red square with the size of Germany.  
It’s suuuper worth to read it.

“Understanding Parquet, Iceberg and Data Lakehouses at Broad,” n.d. https://davidgomes.com/understanding-parquet-iceberg-and-data-lakehouses-at-broad/

Interesting blog post about ways to store and manage large amounts of data. It shares definitions of data lakes and data warehouses.  
It also touches on the topic of data formats that can be used to store large quantities of data. 

“Rhyming AI-Powered Clock Sometimes Lies about the Time, Makes up Words,” n.d. https://arstechnica.com/information-technology/2024/01/rhyming-ai-powered-clock-sometimes-lies-about-the-time-makes-up-words/?utm_brand=arstechnica&utm_social-type=owned&utm_source=mastodon&utm_medium=social

AI-driven clock that cannot tell the time right even though it’s connected to the fucking Internet.  
21st century, and I feel like we went back to caves.

“Announcing TypeScript 5.4 Beta,” n.d. https://devblogs.microsoft.com/typescript/announcing-typescript-5-4-beta/

New features that will soon come to TypeScript will grant even more type safety and get types for group functions.

“Predirect,” n.d. https://github.com/libreom/predirect

Web 3 extension that redirects common proprietary services to a more privacy-friendly alternative.
I haven’t tried it yet, but even without installing it, it’s worth checking out the alternatives grouped in one big list.

“Npm Flooded with 748 Packages That Store Movies,” n.d. https://blog.sonatype.com/npm-flooded-with-748-packages-that-store-movies

Some people decided to store movies and books on NPM and Github. Normally, I would be disgusted by this fact, but this time I just got upset. They simply changed the extension of files from ebooks and movies to ".ts".
Guuurl, if you ever do such a thing, please at least make it right…​
1. Encrypt your files with, for example, gpg.
2. Change your extension to file-bundle.gz and put a password on it.
Now no one internally on Github can see your code or movies. Let their AI decrypt it and wonder what’s there, not just change the file extension.