What I found interesting this time

by: Artur Dziedziczak

February 25, 2024

“Your Own Vector Search in 5 Minutes with SQLite, OpenAI Embeddings, and Node.js,” n.d. https://markus.oberlehner.net/blog/your-own-vector-search-in-5-minutes-with-sqlite-openai-embeddings-and-nodejs/

Simple and quick blog post on how to make vector search in SQL. The author does not get into the math behind it but just shows simple example on how to code the actual solution.

“From Genes To Memes: Philosopher Dan Dennett on the Evolution of Language & AI,” n.d. https://open.spotify.com/episode/4D3DZe5DXdGveejBhhSOKy?si=EJ-mkKF7RgKxkpmUHrfZDg

Excellent interview. I was listening to it during jogging which I highly recommend!
The interview has some good philosophical experiments on consciousness and forms good questions about AI.
I do not agree with solutions proposed by Dan Bennett. Embedding DRM in every device to make sure content created on such computers is not generated by AI is a no-go. Something like this cannot happen as this would be too privacy invasive.
The argument in favor of that is created based on what we currently do with money. Fraud of money is almost impossible due to the process we put into controlling it.
Well, the money is just a concept we all agreed on and recently due to various cryptocurrencies fraud became easier than ever.
I don’t think we can stop the current AI train with some regulations, and for now, all we can do is to keep the research of it as open as possible.
This way we encourage scientists to make tools which focus on detection of AI-generated content.

“Tailwind Marketing and Misinformation Engine,” n.d. https://nuejs.org/blog/tailwind-misinformation-engine/

Amazing rant about Tailwind CSS, and its stupid philosophy targeted for developers who don’t know actual CSS.
I think it’s worth reading for any front-end engineer that wants to include this abstraction abomination in their project.
When I first learned about Tailwind I considered it to be a joke, but people hyped it so much now almost everyone uses it. Well… use it until a point of collapse where they need to go back to "apply" directive and normal CSS classes.

“Does Offering ChatGPT a Tip Cause It to Generate Better Text? An Analysis,” n.d. https://minimaxir.com/2024/02/chatgpt-tips-analysis/

Some person made small experiment based on LLM.
Basically, he started to ask LLMs questions about different rewards system.
He was mentioning tips, assault, world peace etc.
The conclusion was that it does not seem to work, but it’s probably not right as for his daily work he sees the clear difference when he offers reward.

“Stable Diffusion 3,” n.d. https://stability.ai/news/stable-diffusion-3

Announcement of Stable Diffusion 3.
It looks fantastic, scary and makes me wonder on who’s work it was trained.

“The Killer App of Gemini Pro 1.5 Is Video,” n.d. https://simonwillison.net/2024/Feb/21/gemini-pro-video/

Interesting blog post where author takes 7s video and sent it to Google Gemini 1.5 AI.
The video consists of a bookshelf being recorded with books laying around in various positions.
The task for AI was to get all the books names and return them in JSON format. From what I see, it managed to do it pretty well.
It’s a really exciting way of using LLMs. Detecting videos is probably as author mention one of the killer features we will soon all use.

“ChatGPT Has Gone Berserk,” n.d. https://garymarcus.substack.com/p/chatgpt-has-gone-berserk

Looks like 21.02.2024 GPT-3 and GPT-4 went mad and started to return almost totally random text.
From what I was reading it was turned off for a couple of minutes, and now it looks like everything went back to normal.
Still, I haven’t seen a statement from OpenAI what was the issue. I hope they will have to pay some money back to their customers. Yeeeha!

“Death, Lonely Death,” n.d. https://crookedtimber.org/2024/02/19/death-lonely-death/

Apparently, Voyager 1 started to send gibrish data back to earth and scientists try to fix it. Sadly, the odds to do it are tiny. Let’s see how this will all turn out! The blog post also contains really cheerful story from 70’s culture. Wonderful read.

“Why The New York Times Might Win Its Copyright Lawsuit against OpenAI,” n.d. https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2024/02/why-the-new-york-times-might-win-its-copyright-lawsuit-against-openai/

Great summarization of the current NYT lawsuit.
It contains two other court cases that were lost because of similar legal issues and one won by Google which was won.
My opinion on the lawsuit is clear. Either they should pay everyone who’s work was used or they should release everything for free as researchers do with their open models.
If this does not happen, they should be rosted by the judge and fined with billions of dollars.

“The Creator Economy Can’t Rely on Patreon,” n.d. https://joanwestenberg.com/blog/the-creator-economy-cant-rely-on-patreon

Fascinating blog post that describes a bit of math behind content creators support.
I won’t go into details of it. It’s for sure a good read which mentions burnouts of creators and selling out process.
What I would like to mention is an interview I once heard from the vocalist of my favorite Soul/Funk band from Poland, P. Unity.
He said that he would rather work in a factory and earn some money to keep his music true without a huge fan base. Just so he can express himself however he likes. He does not need to have a huge amount of money from art he makes, and it would be nice for sure, but it’s not his goal.
I think it’s beautify said. I don’t write my blog for money, even though I could literally force myself to write on the Medium and get some passive income. Sadly, that would mean I could not swear in posts and write about various topics I love like art, programming, cooking, science or atheism.
That’s why I keep stuff I love outside of money. If you start putting money in it, it looses its fun and build pressure. I have enough pressure at work to put it also into stuff I love.

“Palm Makes Easy Web Pages, We Need More Apps like This,” n.d. https://gilest.org/palm-easy.html

Blog post form author who I mentioned some time ago.
He basically writes about tool that allow you to create simple web pages in simple ways.
I strongly agree with him. We should build more tools like this.
I started my personal project "stativa" some time ago, and I hope to release it soon. It allows generating galleries from videos and images. But not simple galleries. Some creative crazy ones!

“2023 Annual Rust Survey Results,” n.d. https://blog.rust-lang.org/2024/02/19/2023-Rust-Annual-Survey-2023-results.html

2023 annual Rust survey.
Important notes:
- There are quite some LGBT communities behind Rust, and I think it’s worth noticing this. The community is really diverse.
- Last part of the blog shows what are the biggest worries of Rust community. Some of them are: Rust will be too complex, not enough usage in the industry but also "I’m not worried"
Good read!