What I found interesting this time

by: Artur Dziedziczak

April 7, 2024

“File over App,” n.d. https://stephango.com/file-over-app

Interesting article about data storage systems. I also think that the data we write now and want it to be readable in the future should be written in a format which is simple and vendor-agnostic.  
"If you want your writing to still be readable on a computer from the 2060s or 2160s, it’s important that your notes can be read on a computer from the 1960s."

“Jan,” n.d. https://github.com/janhq/jan/releases

Local #LLM runner which is offline and #opensource
I tried it for a week, and it seems to be a typical LLM runner. Nothing fancy but! It is open source and does not have a shitty license like LLM studio.

“The Many, Confusing File System APIs,” n.d. https://cloudfour.com/thinks/the-many-confusing-file-system-apis/

Short blog post about various types of #browser #File APIs.

“Git as Debugging Tool,” n.d. https://lucasoshiro.github.io/posts-en/2023-02-13-git-debug/

Great blog post on how to use Git as a debugger tool.
I really like how the author showed how to use internal #git expressions for files finding.
There was also a huge chapter on git bisect which actually got me thinking. What if we use this automatic git bisect with large language models. I believe LLMs can write a simple test for some code that will return one of codes for GOOD and BAD commit. Then Git can automatically run and find broken code.
I think it’s not a revolutionary idea, but something which could really help debugging. Maybe it’s good for some #hackathon ;) #idea