What I found interesting this time - Camping Vol. 2 edition

by: Artur Dziedziczak

April 14, 2024

“How to Plant and Grow Basil,” n.d. https://gardenerspath.com/plants/herbs/homegrown-basil/

Interesting article on how to grow #basil at home. There are plenty of tips on how to do it well, but for me, the best part was about the different basil types. I’ll summarize it here.
- "Genovese" - typical basil you find at shops, big leafs and good amount of basil flavor.
- "Italian large leaf" - another typical basil that you find at shop
-  "Greek" - tiny leafs and plant shaped in small globe like structure. It has more spicy flavor
- "Limoncello" - basil that has more citrus flavor. It can be used for drinks, curries etc.
- "Red Rubin" - basil which has bronzed, burgundy leafs. Apparently, it has pink flowers and sweet taste with notes of cinnamon.

“Is Google’s AI Actually Discovering ’Millions of New Materials?,’” n.d. https://www.404media.co/google-says-it-discovered-millions-of-new-materials-with-ai-human-researchers/

Google made AI to generate compounds of new materials and in general, it shows promising results, but there are some issues after their paper got peer revived.
Apparently, some researchers checked the materials created, and they do not fall in the category of what “new material” is.
Apparently, in the science of materials, the new material needs to fall between three categories. "Utility, credibility and novelty".
When researchers analyzed Google paper they noticed that vast majority do not fit in those categories. What is also worth noticing is that there are some materials which do not make sense at all.
What can we take from it?
First of all, this is the way we should use generative AI. It helps scientists and can lead to innovation.
Second of all, such work need to be peer-reviewed before it goes to media. We all felt into trap of generative AI as a promising solution for human labor replacement, and such papers do not help this situation. We need more scientists and proper feedback on such technologies. Otherwise, we will continue to pump CO2 to the air for generation of cuddly little cats eating orcs from Lord of the Rings

“You Can’t Handle the Buddhabrot!,” n.d. https://lcamtuf.substack.com/p/you-cant-handle-the-buddhabrot

Blog post about different ways to generate fractals. It’s pretty interesting and easy to follow.
There is also a part where author describes why Buddhabrot is so blurry and has many artifacts. Apparently, it’s because of lack of precision while computing.

“EU Court Says Switzerland’s Handling of Climate Change Violates Human Rights in Landmark Ruling,” n.d. https://www.allsides.com/story/climate-change-eu-court-says-switzerland-s-handling-climate-change-endangers-violates-human

Elderly Swiss women sued their government over not putting enough effort to stop climate change, and they won!
The court decided that current efforts violated the human rights of "health, well-being and quality of life".
Personally, I hope this case will open more doors to sue other governments and private companies. We cannot allow for the current world to be ruled by people driven by greed, instant gratification and lobby of billionaires. With the right pushback, I think we can change that.
#positive #humanrights

“Notes on How to Use LLMs in Your Product.,” n.d. https://lethain.com/mental-model-for-how-to-use-llms-in-products/

The blog post describes different ways to include LLMs in products.
I really like the parts where the author compared different views on the LLMs. He specifically mentioned people who treat LLMs like magic or reinforcement learning. The ones who actually read more about LLMs know that they are not silver bullet and should be used cautiously.
There is also focus on HITL (human in the loop) where the author describes why it’s important for legal liability. Many people think that HITL won’t be needed in the future. But we don’t really know what will be the end result of LLMs race. Currently, OpenAI, Microsoft and Google are the best to bet on, but things evolve quickly. Especially when we look at image diffusion models.

“Debunking the Off-Grid YouTuber Fantasy,” n.d. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=EIcnCaVsYFI&pp=ygUeZGVidW5raW5nIHRoZSBvZmYgZ3JpZCBmYW50YXN5

From time to time, I check how people live “Off grid” lives. The romantic idea behind it always hooks me up for a couple of hours and I start checking funda website for some houses in the woods.
I know that living #offgrid is just romantic fantasy. Just as not having to earn money for living, but it’s good to dream from time to time.
When it comes to dreaming, the idea of cold shower reality validation is always tempting for me. I love when my dreams are crushed by reality. This actually makes me want to live even more.
This video is a great summarization of off grid dream that it’s super hard to fulfill. I loved every minute of it.
The best part is when this girl debunks the "self-sufficiency" of the people who claim to build amazing off grid houses by themselves.

“Intro to TLS Certificates,” n.d. https://carrickbartle.com/certificates.html

Great blog post about #ssl certificates. It describes how SSL works and how it prevents from MITM attacks.