What I found interesting this time

by: Artur Dziedziczak

April 28, 2024

“From the Circle to Epicycles (Part 1),” n.d. https://www.andreinc.net/2024/04/24/from-the-circle-to-epicycles

Another blog post about #fourier #mathematics.
This one is extremely detailed!

“Help Us Invent CSS Grid Level 3, Aka ‘Masonry’ Layout,” n.d. https://webkit.org/blog/15269/help-us-invent-masonry-layouts-for-css-grid-level-3/

There is a proposal of making "Mansory" layout as #CSS Grid extension.
I read the article, and personally, I think this layout should be a separated layout and not an extension of CSS grid. CSS grid API is already unique and complex and should not be extended with new features. I think coding this #masonry grid in browser engines can be really painful.
But I’m in favor of finally providing browser independent solution for masonry grid. I remember some time ago I had to make one and oh my god. It was super painful!

“Taking Regular Screenshots of My Website,” n.d. https://alexwlchan.net/2024/scheduled-screenshots/

Interesting article tackling web content preservation. Author is using #playwright tool to create screenshots of their blog. Everything runs in GitHub pipeline and is tracked via git LFS.
I really like the idea of own content preservation. Maybe I should set up something similar for other websites I read. Cool article!

“The Only Two Log Levels You Need Are INFO and ERROR,” n.d. https://www.ntietz.com/blog/the-only-two-log-levels-you-need-are-info-and-error/

A refreshing blog post about log levels and where to use them.
Even though the author suggested that only two are needed, I disagree with this.
afaik; log levels should make sense and toggle. You should add as many debug and info logs as you want, and simply strip them during the build process for production. This is the healthiest way that allows you to write good, maintainable and secure code.
Nevertheless  I like that the author shown different logging libraries in various languages. From what we can see, there is clearly a pattern of:
"ERROR, WARN, INFO, DEBUG, TRACE" usually there is also "CRITICAL \textbar FATAL" which is good to keep in mind while developing your application.
#logs #tracing

“Making a Flute Controlled Mouse,” n.d. https://0110.be/posts/Making_a_flute_controlled_mouse

When I first read it, I though the author introduced some brain chip for mice but no!
This mad lad actually made a mouse cursor controlled by a flute. Amazing project!

“AI Isn’t Useless. But Is It Worth It?,” n.d. https://www.citationneeded.news/ai-isnt-useless/#footnote-anchor-4

Another article about the benefits and drawbacks of LLMs.
This time:
- it’s good for mediocre jobs
- it’s good at writing simple code
- it’s good at spell and grammar checking
- it’s bad for the environment
- it’s stealing jobs
- it’s making capitalist capitalize on poor countries
Nothing really new but still a good read.