What I found interesting this time - Denmark chillout edition

by: Artur Dziedziczak

May 12, 2024

Not much time to read this week due to another long weekend. By the way next week it’s again long weekend in the Netherlands. It’s the last one and after it the next public holiday is in December

“These New Robots Do Previously Impossible Tasks!,” n.d. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=86FCHBxqZZ8

If you still think that robots won’t be the real reason for human extinction. Check this up.

“Did GitHub Copilot Really Increase My Productivity?,” n.d. https://trace.yshui.dev/2024-05-copilot.html

Short article on how M$ copilot improves productivity or rather how in the long term it does not.
I promised myself that I’ll use copilot alternative when it’s trained on code which allows that, but I guess it will never happen.
#ai #copilot #review

“Sending Emails to My 3-Year-Old,” n.d. https://blog.haschek.at/2024/leaving-a-digital-legacy.html

This man had the idea of making an email account for his baby and sending photos and texts to it. The access to the account would be secret until the kid is old enough!
What a brilliant idea. I actually do the same with my diary now. Basically, my daily notes about life are kept GPG encrypted on one of the email accounts.
#timecapsule #idea #gpg

“Heat Death of the Internet,” n.d. https://www.takahe.org.nz/heat-death-of-the-internet/

Relatable, small rant about issues of today’s internet.
I really liked the part “Your Gmail is approaching storage limit”. I always wondered how the hell I got 10 GB of pure text messages pollute the outbox.