What I found interesting this time

by: Artur Dziedziczak

June 16, 2024


“LLM-Craft: Robotic Crafting of Elasto-Plastic Objects with Large Language Models,” n.d. https://arxiv.org/pdf/2406.08648

Interesting #paper on how to use LLMs for real-world tasks. This time, researchers used it to model letters made from clay.
The output results are quite good for a first paper. #science

“Using a 1965 Dutch Rotary Phone via VoIP (T65) in 2024,” n.d. https://raymii.org/s/blog/Using_a_1965_Dutch_Rotaty_Phone_T65_via_VoIP_in_2024.html

Omg what at genius project! The person behind this post describes how to use old rotary phone as VoIP device.
Imagine sitting in a big cozy chair during winter evening. Snow outside and video of a cozy fireplace on your 50’ TV. Slowly putting down whiskey glass on the table, you take the rotary phone, put the number of your best lad and call they like a boss.
"Yo BOI, Let’s play Quake II".
There is no answer from the other side. Only notification that your lad just went online. #technology #oldtech

“Spotify: Droppin’ Them Fake Beats,” n.d. https://lcamtuf.substack.com/p/spotify-droppin-some-fake-beats

Apparently, there is already fully AI-generated music trending on Spotify. Such AI bands have AI-generated music videos and AI-generated responses on Twitter.
This blog posts really nicely summarize how to detect such creations. I actually like how the author did a bit of research into it.
I also agree that we should not fully ban AI from artists tooling. Maybe someone needs this cheap helping hand. We should not replace them, though.

“The Failed Migration of Academic Twitter,” n.d. https://arxiv.org/abs/2406.04005

Every time Elon Musk farts with his brain on Twitter there is a new wave of Mastodon users that gradually decline.
I have seen 4 waves already and every time people go back to X like moths to light. And I do blame them. Like really. You are the people who make this world a shittier place.
But I also know that we are all like this. We all compromise our values in favor of comfort.
So this study describes the last migration of scientists which did not stay very long on Mastodon. There are various reasons for that. People seek centralized options that have better communities, support and an easier learning curve.
Personally, I created my mastodon account a long time ago and only 1 year back I started to really use it. After that, I started to follow people who really interest me. Sadly, to do that I had to go through so much lgbtporn, fury porn, porn, gore, political abuse, general abuse, and it was all too finally create my feed of people who have some interesting content.
So I mean. Mastodon is not accessible. Describing what instances are is hard. It’s like Linux. People will never understand it as their comfort zone is too tight. Don’t blame them. Let the world burn. Amen? Or should I say TOOOOT!