What I found interesting this time

by: Artur Dziedziczak

July 7, 2024

“Enhancing The New York Times Web Performance with React 18,” n.d. https://open.nytimes.com/enhancing-the-new-york-times-web-performance-with-react-18-d6f91a7c5af8

Interesting article sharing benefits of upgrade to React 18.  I really like how they shared struggles with inner script tags for SSR mismatch.

“I Received an AI Email,” n.d. https://timharek.no/blog/i-received-an-ai-email

Imagine getting personalized #AI generated spam, which includes your GitHub blog entries.
Ehh…​ not sure what’s worse. Sending it or finding the sender being actually proud of their work …​

“Booting Linux off of Google Drive,” n.d. https://ersei.net/en/blog/fuse-root

Someone first booted #Arch Linux from S3 bucket setup locally and later moved it to Google Drive.
I love such projects!