Toxicity on university

by: Artur Dziedziczak

October 7, 2021

Today I started to think why certain professors in Polish universities can treat students with no respect. For an example, there are some classes in which you don’t want to ask questions as if you do you will be treated like a stupid person. I think I know why it’s allowed and nothing is changing for decades. Universities create a toxic environment due to the limitation of possible solutions to stop the harassment

I’m a developer for a very long time but also I started to work pretty early in my life. The main difference between work and the university is that you can change work whenever you want not even mentioning writing complaints on your coworkers

Imagine having a professor who says "Women are not good IT professionals". What would you do if your coworker said something like this? Obviously, you would make a complaint and if your boss would not care you could easily change the job. This is something you can’t do at the university. You can’t easily change it since that would require you to move to a different city and probably pass some classes again

Today again one of the students I’m in a group with was treated like shit and I cannot do anything about it or otherwise I’ll probably have to look for some new university to study at…​

Lastly, it’s not like students are without guilt but everyone who studied at Polish university will know what I’m writing about