Small updates from 2023

by: Artur Dziedziczak

November 13, 2023

I haven’t write for quite some time…​ A lot of things are on my head right now…​

I still haven’t finished appartment renovation and finally decided to workout. Other than that I work as Full Stack Developer for ING. I wish to have more motivation to make some proprer programming. Sadly due to overwhelming situation at home it’s hard to be productive

Last week I started a rewrite of my Stativa project. It will be moved to fully web based solution. Hope to finish it before new year

From positive notes I listen to an audiobook about Stoicism philosophy. It’s pretty good and it made my mind less focussed on current advancements in AI

I also learned Dutch to a point where it’s possible for me to communicate during drinks with my friend in Weesp

Maybe I should start writing about my general thoughts and not only focus on IT. There are for sure some things I would like to write about like atheism, pacifism and social media privacy issues

Time will show

Lastly I bought OReilly subscription and try to read couple of pages a week. It’s really good service. Sadly it comes with a price that if I would not be a programmer probably would not be affordable

Stay positive people! No matter what